Things i have become better at in 2018

It’s about 43 min left for 2018 to end in my timezone and i have no fancy plans.

So, here is an attempt to list down things i have learnt this year. There is no way i can list all the things, if i hadn’t been keeping track (which i haven’t).

  1. Django: I already was working with Django for 6 months in my previous job. Apart from that i had done a couple of projects in college. But, in this job, i think i have in depths with Django. I have also realised that although it makes it easier to ship products faster, it comes at a cost. Ex: The admin interface of django. It’s good for being a reflection of database and performing simple operations. The minute you want to do something even a little complex, it becomes really hard and makes ugly code.
  2. Debugger: Right now, i can’t believe that i wasn’t using the pdb since last 4 years. I used to rely on logging instead. The credit has to go to my Engineering Manager Manish . Writing code and debugging with him has helped me a become a lot better code in 2018.
  3. SQLI have gotten better at writing sql. Earlier, i never needed to think about it much. In all of the web applications i had built, including open source and at previous job, we always used an ORM. This year, we needed optimisations, raw sql queries for Metabase for which i wrote queries.
  4. Python: I have been writing python code since 2014, this is my language of preference. My learning of the standard library has grown this year.
  5. HTML/CSS/Javascript: I have a front end nano degree now ( \o/ ) . It took me a long time but, yes, as of December 2018 and by degree given to me by Udacity, I can totally pronounce (using Joey’s voice when he was marrying Chandler and Monica) myself:  A Full Stack Developer.
  6. Rabbitmq/Celery/Redis: I can say that i had some practice of this. I had already been using and the way i am using right now is same as before. Having said that, i did try to dig deep in Celery and i don’t think celery’s codebase is easy to mess with. (So is Django’s btw)
  7. AWS/EBS/: Towards the latter part of this year, i started using more of AWS console and EBS.

These were the broad categories of things i have gone better at. Actually, there is nothing new topic wise apart from EBS but, there are smaller details within each category that i didn’t know about.

Apart from all the progress that i have listed, there is a thing i haven’t done this year. I haven’t contributed to Open Source as much as i would have liked to. Actually, from the time i started contributing, this year i have contributed the least. I don’t think i have been able to give my 100% everyday which kills me sometimes. I know when i am not at my 100% and i know when i am. If i go by this logic, 2018 has been a crappy year.